Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Where Have I Been? - Oh, I've Been Everywhere. Almost.

I try hard to update my blog pretty regularly, but I've failed miserably since February.
I've been at a LOT of schools and done a LOT of stuff. I hope that a brief pictorial history will redeem my failure to update.
This was my school visit calendar for March.

I am an acclaimed author at Roosevelt elementary school, thank you very much.

I don't know why I took this picture. I think I liked the words, "Malodor Counteractant".

I got Thai food that came with a lovely straw wrapper flower.

Proof that I am the favorite. End of story.

Some fun work that I did with the kids at Roosevelt Elementary.

Yes. I'll be your valentines. All of you. This is so flattering!

I worked on a new portrait in my 37 seconds of free time.

I dressed up for a school visit to Gossler Park School on my birthday.

They had banners and cards for me!

Yay! A fun birthday at a fun school!

Some classes even made cards for me!

Flat Stanley, my foot. I got flattened at Ledge Street School!

Finally! I got top billing over my musical buddy Steve Blunt! Mwaaa hahahahahaaaaaa!

The kids at Underhill Elementary made up their own rules. They were fantastic!

I even visited a school in Massachusetts that had a lovely little dining area in the bathroom.

I went to a great author festival in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Last year, I offered a free bag of Cheetoes to anyone who would sing to me. Last year's winner, Eva, came back to offer me Cheetoes if I sang to her. They were delicious!

Thanks, Eva!

My friend, Hazel Mitchell wasn't able to make it to the author festiva so I manned her table and signed all her books, "You should really go buy Marty Kelley's books. Love, Hazel.:

I left a poster for my friends at Pine Cove Elementary.

Lynn Plourde put us all to shame with her amazing fashion sense.

A fun display of my books at Lisbon School.

The music teacher in Lisbon MIGHT have a Pez problem. Wow.

The annual Authorfest in Winchester, MA. All authors are really, really good looking. Proved by me and my good pal, David Biedrzycki.

I made the school sign in Laconia!

While walking in Laconia at lunch, I found a great old house.

I also found this chalk drawing on a playground in town. Love the artwork!

Campton School went all out with some amazing bulletin board displays.

A few kids in Campton even came in wearing Marty Kelley t-shirts. Maybe I should start a clothing line!

The Campton Library shut down so I could hang out with the librarian.

They had the Marty Kelley reading corner all set up in Campton.

And a lovely display of my books!

At Lancaster School, they continued my book, Twelve Terrible Things!

And they totally finked out kids who had REALLY messy desks.

I ended April with a music show at the Parenting NH Expo with Steve and Joe.

Joe demonstrated some sweet R-rated dance moves while the Radio Disney ladies were on stage.

Then the Radio Disney lady told him, "Those are not Disney approved dance moves."

View from the stage.

So now we're all caught up, right?