Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back in the studio

I apologize for the long delay in posting here. I'm sure I've disappointed legions of rabid followers. Things have been busy, as usual.
Last week I went up to Rockinghorse recording studio with Steve and Joe and we recorded the bass and drum tracks for three songs on the upcoming CD we are releasing "Let's Have A Reading Party."
It was a lot of fun, but recording can be frustrating. I used to drum a lot, but I'm a bit rusty now and any mistakes affect everyone.
"Do it again." "One more try." "Let's do that again."
These are the words most often spoken by Brian, the evil mastermind engineer behind the controls. (You can see his evilness in the picture where he is looming over me at the drum set - he is saying that if I mess up again, he'll break my fingers). I am kidding, of course. Breaking my fingers would slow the recording process. He is threatening to break my will to live.
To record the tracks for 3 songs took almost 8 hours, so my will to live was almost broken without Brian's assistance...

It was actually a lot of fun and I must explain that the pictures of Steve playing guitar is especially dorky looking. I asked him to pose like that. In real life he is quite suave and smooth - never dorky.

The CD should be ready sometime in March and will no doubt propel us into the international music spotlight. Don't worry, I'll still remember all the little people.