Friday, September 13, 2019

The Sweatiest Road Trip Ever - Days 12, 13, 14, Whatever

Days 12 &13 -

And now, a brief photo collage of our last two days on the road. Driving 13+ hours each day.

Prepare for blast-off!

9:04 a.m.

Let's do this!

Only 23 hours  and 9 minutes to go!

Welcome to Alabama.
Blasting along the Hank Williams Memorial Highway.

And considering eternity.

I suggested entering Squanket in a drag race.

But that is the actual dragway and it didn't seem... I don't know... safe?
We stopped at Love's for some gas.

And found The World's Largest Selection of Rollable Meat-Like Products!
I don't know what they have. Kerri refused to stop.

And then we were in Georgia!

And Tennessee, where I was adamant that we needed to get some official BBQ.

Or, at least visit one of the dozens of "World's Largest Fireworks Store"s that we passed on this trip.

Kerri opted for Archer's BBQ in Knoxville, and it was a wise choice. This is called the BBQ Sundae. It is a bowl of heaven.

And then, northward through the driving rain,

and roaring thunder,

and biblical-level lightning.

A brief stop at a rest area where we were stalked by...

a black cat, skulking through the parking lot.

And when I turned away, there was another one, hiding behind the garbage can.
Or was it the same one...?
We finally called it a night in Wyethville, VA, the same town we had stayed in on our drive down.
And I am now, forever plagued by the idea that I want to get Professional toilet paper for home use.

In the van the next morning at 9:10. 
And if we play our cards right, we can be home tonight!

What are YOUR lubrication needs?

If we lived here, we'd be home now.
But we don't, and we weren't.

There was a lot of stunt-hauling along the highway.

And, once again, I was denied a visit to the John Wayne Truck Stop and Chrome Shop. Curse you, Kerri!

Kerri also didn't let me party with them.

The ring of dirt, grime, grease, I don't even want to know, on this bathroom door was impressive.

As is the posted list of rules and regulations for using a Pennsylvania Rest Stop. Maybe they should add, "Wash your nasty hands before touching our nasty doors!"

We survived the doors of doom and I was, once again, allowed in the driver's seat. Here we go!

I can practically smell home!

This is the pond that gave Squanket her name.

And then, just like that... We were home.

Over 4,300 miles and over 80 hours of driving.

We got Tori to school safely.
We got back home safely.
We all survived.
And we're all still talking to each other.

Now, we're planning the next adventure...

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