Friday, July 24, 2009

Newest Book Now Available!

Waahoo! The Messiest Desk is officially here. I just got a shipment of books from the publisher. Yippie-Ding! It looks pretty good (if I do say so, myself) so I'm going to recommend that you all go right out and order a few dozen copies.
Thank you in advance.

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Katie said...

CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE MY COPY!!! Since I have already heard the book I already know I love it! And I'm PRETTY sure this one will not cause the same issues as _12 Terrible Things_. Clearly you should have written a disclaimer for husbands/wives. I was mighty distraught when I caught my husband stuffing his sock in my child's face saying "Smell this doofus." I was going to have words with you, but really it's my doofus husband who's really to blame. In any case, I don't see that sort of problem occurring with this newest book! Bring on the Messiest NH tour!