Thursday, July 30, 2009

First one in the country!!!

Woo Hoo! This is Caleb and Kate. Yesterday, while I was visiting the Conway Public Library, they became the first people in the country (and, I suppose, the entire world) to buy a copy of The Messiest Desk. You will notice how happy they look. That feeling of elation will no doubt last for several decades.*

•You can't get it in stores yet...
•You can't get it online yet...
•You can't even get it by rubbing a magic lamp and demanding it of the genie who appears.**

So how can you be as happy as Kate and Caleb? Actually, right now, you'll just have to be patient until the book gets to book stores. There are going to be giant release parties all over the country, just like there are for Harry Potter books.*** If you want to dress up like Benjamin Putt, all you have to do is stick a plunger to your head. I'd recommend a new one.

*This claim has not yet been tested.
**Neither has this one.
*** Lies, lies, all lies - But please feel free to organize your own release party! I'll bring the cookies.


Katie said...

You need an etsy shop. Or a preorder on Amazon. Or a tour with a merch booth.

Quickly, before someone hunts down those children for their book.

Jennifer said...

Caleb's face may be inspiration for your next book. Kate and Caleb loved the book and being on your blog. The messiest desk is going to be used as the 1st read out loud for opening day at school to discuss desk neatness! We are enjoying the cd as well. Look forward to next year.