Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Librarian Party

Yesterday I got to be one of four authors to present to a group of librarians in Danvers, MA. The other authors who presented were Jill Stover, Sue Goodman, and Deborah Noyes. It's always fun to be able to meet other authors. Working alone all the time can get frustrating, so it's good to be able to whine and complain and kvetch with others. (Actually we always get together and discuss how wonderful our lives are and how simply smashing our publishers are.)
My biggest disappointment of the day was after almost everyone had left, Deborah (who is also an editor at Candlewick) came back and said her battery was dead. She asked if I had jumper cables. I said that I thought I did and would be happy to help. "Ah! HA!" I thought, "I will jumpstart her car and she will be forced to publish my next book!! Mwah, ha, ha, ha!"
It was unfortunate that I stopped at the bathroom on the way to the parking lot (it was a long ride home) because she enlisted a few of the maintenance guys to help her. They were SURE they had jumper cables, unlike my 'pretty sure'.

So be on the lookout for an upcoming book written by a couple maintenance guys and published by the fine folks at Candlewick...

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