Monday, October 20, 2008

Hooray! I met the Ambassador!

I finally got around to making a blog so you can all see what a thrilling, amazing, fun-filled life I have.
Saturday, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and introducing Jon Scieszka at a local talk he gave. He's a very funny guy and I gave him a few of my books in a shameless attempt to ingratiate myself to him and bask in his reflected glory.
I have a feeling that making bunny ears on The First Ambassador of Young People's Literature is possibly frowned upon in diplomatic etiquette manuals, but Jon was a very good sport.

Sunday I was down in Boston with my buddy, the very talented children's musician, Steve Blunt. We played at the Read and Romp, an annual event to raise money so all children can have books in their homes. We had a great time playing music at lunch. There were a lot of people reading and romping at the Read and Romp.

Steve and I are working on some programs that we'll be offering together, as well as a CD that is going to be really cool. Stay tuned for more details on that...

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