Sunday, December 8, 2013

Barron School. Wow. Just, wow.

Yup. Another school visit post. This one was so much fun, it caused me to commit poetry:
That Barron School! That Barron School!
The people there were very cool.
They read my books here,
They read my books there,
They read my books most anywhere!

They read them with a hockey stick.

They will read when they are sick.

They'll read them in the music hall.

Or on a ladder (please don't fall!)

They will read them on the floor

Or while they're playing out-of door.

 They will read them in the dark

They will read them in a park.

They read them while they ride the bus.

Sometimes the teacher reads to us!

They will read them in a line.

Or while they're making art so fine.

 Are they done reading? No not yet.

 They read them while they surf the net.

They will eat them while at lunch.

My gosh, they read my books a bunch!

Sometimes they read them with a friend.

And now my poem has got to end.

Oh, my goodness, did I have fun visiting Barron School. They really went all out and made my day there a blast.

These pictures of the kids reading my books all over the place were posted all around the school. It was so flattering.

An entire class of kindergarteners came to their presentation adorned with Marty Kelley heart tattoos.

They were so excited to have me take pictures of their arms that I wound up in a kindergarten mosh pit.

I won.

There was a horrifying desk from my book, The Messiest Desk covering a bulletin board in the hall. You could practically smell it, they did such a great job making it nasty.

Actually, that pizza looks pretty tasty!

Team Tiger also wrote continuations of Winter Woes. Sadly for me, their stories were WAY better than the original that I wrote.

Mrs. Ganley's second grade class made me a new book of School Rules and did a phenomenal job making a rhyming book with some amazing art.

My favorite couplet goes like this:

U is for umbrella, we use in the rain.
V is for vacation when we don't use our brains.

Oh, Barron School. Thank you so much.

Let's do that again someday.

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