Thursday, March 4, 2010

Still In NJ

Today I spent the day talking at a few hundred kids at Beeler Elementary here in New Jersey. It was great fun and I'm delighted to report that I was not fed Sloppy Joes or Tater Tots. That fact alone makes the drive to NJ worthwhile.

I got to enjoy a brief bout of rock start status at the school, where the kids had obviously been well prepared for my visit. They passed me in the halls and I heard whispers of "That's MartyKelley. Hee Hee Hee" And, yes, the MartyKelley is all one word there. I'm not sure why, but when I visit a school, the kids always refer to me as MartyKelley. Not Marty. Not Mr. Kelley. MartyKelley. Like Cher or something, I guess.

The PE teacher, Becky Jenkins, even went as far as to incorporate pictures from my books in her annual Jump Rope for Heart theme.

Hey, Becky, be on the lookout for a thick envelope from my lawyer!

(kidding, kidding, kidding.)

Is that cool, or what?

(answer: Yes, it is cool. Very cool.) It's very flattering to be made to feel like a big, famous hot-shot or something.

I'm returning to the school for one more presentation tonight. I'm sure it will be great. I found a great looking little Mexican restaurant that I'll hit before I go back. I can't forsee any possible downside to eating pounds and pounds of beans before a long public speaking gig.

Then, I get to spend the first 6 hours of my birthday tomorrow driving home in the morning. (Feel free to send gifts, cash or pizza.)

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Katie said...

Nevermind the public speaking gig, I hope your windows roll down. It could be a LONG ride home....

Hope all went well.