Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bring On The Lawsuit!

I'm not scared!
So, I really do love those Life Is Good shirts. As a sort of homage to their ubiquitousness, I put a parody of one of their mugs in my most recent book, The Messiest Desk.

As so often happens with the things I do, I amused the heck out of myself with my wit.
I decided to create some shirts with my new logo. Because, you know, life isn't ALWAYS good...

I sent my kids to school wearing the shirts today. I figure if there's any legal trouble, they'll catch it, not me.  I'll just say I don't know where they got the shirts.

The "www.martykelley.com" printed across the back?

Who knows...


Katie said...

I want a water bottle please. With the cheering rodent on the back.


Putnam said...

Where can I get one of these. I want to act fast before the lawyers shut you down.