Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fan Art - Redux

Okay. Get off my back. I know. I know. I haven't posted in a loooooong time. I thought about trying to do a sketch of the day or something, but I really don't think I could keep up with it. The sketches, yes. The posting, no.
So I'm trying something different here. My last post was a brilliant piece of art by my buddy Oliver. Today, the fan art is mine. I'm the fan.
The painting above is a copy I did of part of a painting by the amazingly talented Paul McCormack.
Next month, I'm taking off for New York to spend a week studying with him. Very exciting.
I'd like to start doing more portraits of people and will be updating my website soon to reflect that.
On the book front, everything is going well with The Messiest Desk. I've seen some of the printed pages and it looks great. It should be ready for shipping sometime near the end of July.
I was contacted by an agent at a big literary agency and am hoping that she will want to represent me.
It will be lots of fun to be able to say, "Let me discuss that with my agent." to people. Like when my lovely wife wants me to set the table. "Let me discuss that with my agent. I'll get back to you."
Oh yeah. I can't wait for that.
I'll keep you all posted on what's happening.

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Katie said...

Love your fan art -- hope you had (have?) a great time in NY!

And posting is hard. Maybe your agent can help you with that.